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Which one is the best CMS platform for E-commerce?

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Poll Results

50%Shopify ( 3 voters )
16.67%PrestaShop ( 1 voter )
33.33%WordPress ( 2 voters )
Based On 6 Votes

Please suggest me the best CMS platform for a mid-level e-commerce website. I would prefer the one easy to install and manage. I would like to know if there is any other better platform available.


6 Answers

  1. PrestaShop

    It is an free and install,open source and downloadable eCommerce CMS platform for managing online store in real time.The features includes product management,store management,seo and checkouts,shipping,marketing and reporting.


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  2. All CMSs are great, depends how do you customize them and what kind of brand or products are you presenting. But in my opinion, it is Magento is the most popular platform for creating e-commerce websites. It offers you various levels of customization. This feature-rich CMS (Content Management System) is used to create online stores that are the lifeblood of so many businesses. As per a recent study, Magento has a 27% market share when it comes to e-commerce platforms.

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  3. i already have shopify store and working well, the main benefit of this site is. plugins, high ranking in alexa, and easy to use dashboard features.

    So at first i highly recommend shopify store but but but…..

    There is some raw backs of this side…

    1. monthly subscription $29-$79
    2. Monthly plugin subscription
    3. you can’t make site like Amazon or Ebay on shopify plateform.

    So here i have some more recommendation you you want to create your own eCommerce site.

    Create your own drop shipping site for aliexpress with WordPress

    Create an Ecommerce website with WordPress free

    Create an Affiliate Price Comparison Website

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  4. rohan

    WordPress is much better a good to go platform to handle. User friendly and ease of use with many cool plugins available for this platform. I am going to use this for my wedding planning website.

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  5. hello,

    i will suggest you wordpres.


    we can easily understand by this example

    Just think if you go in market so and you want to purchase too many things and items for your requirements but you are going one by one shop and you are totally waisting your time on shops and nothings you are finding in one ways so you will tired in few hours and nothing will good in that day and you will not feel good but if what all you want to buy and it will meet you on one place and there are too many variety also meet you so what you will do. you will find this type of place. so which place is better so i think it is called mall where you can buy everything on one place and make your time and everything do it in one place.

    so, just wordpress is same it is mall of plugins and themes where you can without waste your time and get easily your work and also save your time.

    thanks and watch for if required CHEAP BOOK PRINTING

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  6. Shopify is one of the most popular CMS for Ecommerce if you don’t want to handle hazel of server and just want to focus on your core business. But if you want full control over your website and run it as you want, you can go for WordPress  + WooCommerce, which will give you full control over your website.

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