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Which is best software for School Management System?

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Hello guys! I need your help. I have worked in many industries across the world but I have never had the opportunity to find a management software that fulfills all my requirements. I would really like someone to recommend me a good school management software that manages and controls all my accounts related needs with complete effectiveness.


5 Answers

  1. Sud

    veraxe is one of the best school app and school management erp
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  2. hi,

    make customized software for school management system, it will benefits for u.

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  3. Arjun

    School plus App is the best school app for parents or school management app. Schools, colleges, and universities can send all updates to parents. School app digitizes features like SMS, Student Management, Courses, Faculties, Attendance, Fee Management, Online Diary, Timetable, library, Exam and Result, Parent-Teacher-Student communication and much more. Through School plus App, parents get all information of the class work when a student is absent. This application is available for the mobile android/ IOS app and desktop web.

    For more information about this school parent app please visit:

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