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What strategies and techniques are helpful to get success in online business?

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I am planning to set up an online portal to sell designer women clothes, so what strategies and techniques will be  helpful in initial stage.


2 Answers

  1. When starting a online business, specially the e-commerce sites, here are few tips that may help you.

    Don’t Just Choose Any Product:

    Well, even if you have narrowed your niche to designer dresses for women, still there are hundreds of categories. So choose your products wisely.

    Find the Gap in Market:

    When you are ready with your product categories, second step could be to find the existing gaps in the market. Just try to find, if there is any gap between demand and supply for any particular product or in any location. You could find, this will be more easy for you.

    Customer Satisfaction:

    Likewise, any other business, on online portals customer satisfaction is important.


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  2. There is no any universal set of rules to get success in any business. Unlike, an offline business online business may require more effort. Depending upon your niche and expertise, you can play and build your own strategies.

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