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Is it better “nofollow” or “dofollow” links to our website social pages?

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Hey technical friends suggest me your suggestion.


what is better  “nofollow” or “dofollow” links to our website social pages?


6 Answers

  1. James Grills

    Do-follow backlinks allows user and search engine to reach the site it points to whereas No-follow backlinks allows only the user to follow the link and doesn’t permits the search engine to crawl to the website. Do-follow certainly is more valuable but you need to have a certain ratio of Do follow and no follow links to your website to rank better on search engines. So you must not focus on only Do-follow or No-follow but maintain a ratio of the two to rank your webpage better.

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  2. Both no follow and Do follow are better.  but do follow links are stronger than no follow links. Do more do follow backlinks from high DA PA sites. 

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  3. Both, Nofollow and Dofollow are better for a website. Both give strong backlink to the website. A website required both nofollow and dofollow links.

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  4. both no follow and do-follow are important for website you must keep in balance both nofollow as well as dofollow because to much dofollow or nofollow link is not good for website.. you must maintain ratio of 60:40 dofollow:nofollow

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  5. I suggest you dofollow links are better than nofollow links, Dofollow links used to allow the search engine bots to follow the links

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  6. If we talk about backlinks both no follow and Do follow are better. but do follow links are stronger links if we compare both the links. Do follow links let the crawler to remind to crawl the linked page. Mobiloitte is the leading Mobile and web app development company helping people for SEO.

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