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How to obtain Drone Pilot License in India?

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Where can I get full details about obtaining Drone Pilot Licence in India? What are the new rules for flying Drones in India?


1 Answer

  1. The rules and regulation for flying drones in India have been changed last year. Now the government has categorized drones into 5 categories on basis of their size and weight.

    1. Nano (up to 250 grams)
    2. Micro (250 grams – 2kg )
    3. Mini (2kg – 25kg)
    4. Small (25kg to 150kg)
    5. Large (above 150kg)

    For nano category, you don’t need to register as long as you fly/operate¬†under 200 feet of height. For all other categories, you need to register your Drone with DGCA and obtain a unique identification number for your drone and stick a UIN sticker on your drone. Please check the official press release on the same below.

    DGCA Drone Draft


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