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How to grow a business?

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Hi friends!

Can anyone tell me how to grow a business and get more leads? What is the technology used to get more leads?


4 Answers

  1. For growing your Business marketing is very essential offline marketing as well as online marketing means Digital marketing will bring traffic. Search Engine Optimization is good to bring organic traffic, PPC Ads are very useful, Social Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are valuable for your business. You can go from SMS and Email Marketing hope this will help you.

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  2. add your business to all well know social media and business listing sites. you will get more leads from those sites.

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  3. you can grow your bussiness through SEO digital marketing

    for education related information visit my site DUPORTAL.IN

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  4. If you want to grow a business, you will have to get used to marketing. Research best marketing tactics for small businesses. There are plenty of low-budget ways to get your name out there. One of the best ways is using social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to show what your business is about and to start relationships with potential customers.

    This guide can help get you started on social media marketing:

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