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How can i use social media for SEO?

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is facebook and twitter can be used for SEO?


5 Answers

  1. Hi Jacqline gomez,

    Yes you can use social media for Seo. Actually Seo has two categories Online-Seo & second is Offline-Seo.

    Social Media comes in Offline-Seo Category. Basically you provide social signals to your website by sharing your content on fb,twitter etc. Which enhances your website search rankings.The more social signals your site have,the more is your chance to rank higher in search results but keep in mind this is only a one way.There are plenty of  different ways to Improve your Website Seo.

    The Xit is providing Web design & Seo services.
    This specific company features a superb name within the market and its staff square measure terribly exhausting operating
    and treat every single task as a prime priority business.

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